Bob Thompson
Composer & Arranger
Bob Thompson has been called "an overlooked genius of American pop music" who created the Space Age Pop classics Just for Kicks, On the Rocks, MMM Nice!, and The Sound of Speed. Witty, iconoclastic, exuberant -- and reverent of the jazz "giants" of his day -- Bob's personality and passions sparkle in the grooves of his Living Stereo records. On the surface you can hear the roar of jets pinging from one speaker to the other, girls purring 'mmmm, niiiice', or four xylophone players wailing away at the same time. Dig deeper, and you will discover a musician that brings the art of arranging to surprising places, a composer of 100s of TV commercials from Colt 45 to Dial Soap, a Grammy nominee, and an arranger or writer for Bing Crosby, Rosemary Clooney, and Judy Garland. Behind the scenes a sensitive pianist of Kern and Gershwin numbers at the stool. So have a sip, "on the rocks." 
You are one hell of an arranger.
- Rosemary Clooney
With Cascading strings, upbeat rhythms, and breathy female singers, Thompson's music set a mood, but it was more than mood music.
- Los Angeles Times
Bob's Records always had that snap, crackle, and pop.
- Van Dyke Parks
Bob Thompson's music has been reissued domestically and internationally by RCA/MBG on CD and on vinyl by Sundazed Music, and appeared on commercials for Old Navy and TV's Sex and the City. Profiles have appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle and Atomic Magazine, among others.